Where are you on the Norwood Hamilton Scale? Ask Dr. Harold Siegel, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Where are you on the Norwood Hamilton Scale? If you would like to know if you are at a stage on the Norwood Hamilton Scale just call Dr. Harold Siegel to set a time for a hair restoration consultation where you can learn all about hair transplant costs, hair transplant procedures and what you can expect when you choose to proceed with a new you!

Norwood Scale Stages and Hair Loss Treatment method

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Hair decline is A significant trouble, which affects a lot of individuals throughout the globe. There isn't any one particular can be an exception and each individual has passed through the period of hair reduction at least after during their lifetime. Hair reduction can be extreme and in many cases it could generate larger sized and broader hairless Areas on our head. These kind of male pattern baldness are affecting lots of men and women.
The Norwood-Hamilton Scale also recognised simply as The Norwood Scale helps to categorize hair decline into many levels. The levels of your Norwood Scale as well as associated treatment solutions are as follows.

Stage 1

That is characterised by negligible hair loss along with the frontal hairline, especially in the forehead and within the temple.
A clever array of the shampoo and conditioner is essential as well as a Hair Transplant Method is a possibility at this point. It’s also advised to discontinue using another hair products and solutions which include hair gels, wax, coloring, and the like.

Phase 2

Sage two is characterised because of the hair loss within the frontal line along with the temporal locations have a triangular form. Deepening of these areas can have a symmetrical or not symmetrical kind of triangle. During this phase, deepening or baldness handles a region of not more than two cm from the entrance hairline. However, the hair economic downturn will cause a lot less hair during the parietal location. Also, You will find a crystal clear differentiation involving the density of hair about the frontal and within the temporal region.

This ailment ought to be monitored and examined by a dermatologist. Tend not to make an effort to be your own personal medical doctor. Shampoos with Minoxidil and Finasteride are highly handy. When picking remedies be sure you decide on some thing FDA accepted to limit Uncomfortable side effects and defend your wellness. A Hair Transplant Process is also carried out.

Phase 3

This is the optimum degree of hair reduction within the alopecia area. You can observe deep frontal and temporal check here receding hairline and they're generally symmetrical and sparsely protected with hair. At this stage the deepening on the hair decline covers in excess of the 2 cm through the hairline. In addition, This is actually the to start with stage to show a major number of hair decline that clearly demands professional medical treatment.

Prescription drugs or even a Hair Transplant Procedure is often alternatives at this time. Remedies are targeted at halting continued hair loss and regrowing hair simultaneously. The recommended medication mixture at this time is Minoxidil with Retin A which has a synergic impact on the Minoxidil and increases the success.

Stage 4

The frontal and frontotemporal hair loss is much more severe than while in the prior levels. On top of that, the parietal or the very best most locations of The top present a partial or complete hair reduction at this time. Additionally, the hair on both sides of The top usually separates the frontal place as well as the crown clearly show comprehensive hair decline.

This stage medication is Typically a mixture of Minoxidil and Retin. If those will not be ample, the addition of Antiandrogens, Folligen, and Lamin Gel could be prescribed. A Hair Transplant Course of action is additionally a feasible selection.

Phase 5

Crown spot has an exceedingly slender separation from the frontotemporal location. In the meantime, the balding approach handles a large space, resulting in a horseshoe read more shape in place of the triangular shape described on previously mentioned stages.
At this time, the hair decline is significant and thus The mix drugs can be powerful. Nevertheless, if there is not any improvement your medical professional could possibly advise a combination of Proscar and Spironolactone or perhaps a Hair Transplant Technique.

Phase six

Hair separation concerning the crowns and also the frontotemporal region is gone. The frontotemporal location merges Using the crown location and exhibits the largest alopecia region.

The hair decline at this time is considerable, as a result, remedies should have a confined influence. The selection of therapy at this time are Low Stage Laser Therapy or a Hair Transplant Technique.

Stage 7

The most intense sort of male pattern baldness. During this stage You can find whole hair loss ranging from the forehead and ending Using the back of the head. Hair continues to be only about the side surfaces of the head (close to the ears) and also the decreased borders goes close to the neck for the occipital area.

The hair decline can result in complete hair decline. A Hair Transplant Process is the one option at this time.

* This post is for informational purposes only. You must consult with using your health practitioner ahead of beginning any treatments or having medications.

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